Space Hero reality show will send winner to ISS


Production studio Space Hero, which claims to be the “first space media company”, announced that it has booked one seat on SpaceX’s mission to the ISS in 2023.

She plans to send the winner of a reality show to the ISS, in which everyone can take part, regardless of their country of residence. Its participants will have to go through the tough screen of numerous competitions, demonstrating the “physical, intellectual and emotional abilities” that are necessary for a current member of the ISS crew.

The winner will be determined by a vote involving viewers from around the world. The main prize is a flight to the ISS aboard the SpaceX Dragon module and 10 days of work as a crew member of the space station with live video broadcast from orbit on the Internet.

However, this is not the first attempt at creating a space reality show. Its predecessor at the end of the 90s was named “Destination – Mir”. It was about the Soviet space station “Mir”, which operated in near-earth orbit from 1986 to 2001. The show did not take place then, since the station was flooded on March 23, 2001. of the year.

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