Sony created Airpeak to make its own drones


Sony decided to take advantage of the fact that the US authorities expelled the Chinese brand DJI from their market, and to occupy this niche. At CES, the new Airpeak heavy-duty quadcopter was unveiled, designed to move the Alpha professional mirrorless movie camera. It is not a standalone machine, but part of a new Sony program that aims to provide sophisticated video shooting services.

The company’s engineers managed to make the drone not too big – 60 cm in diameter. It has a massive body, reinforced propeller masts and two compartments for heavy battery packs. The long carbon legs automatically lift up after takeoff and transform into cross bumpers to prevent the car from hitting an obstacle when moving sideways.

Дрон Sony Airpeak

A universal stabilizer for the suspension camera is installed under the bottom of the quadcopter. The device itself also has cameras: several around the perimeter for orientation on the ground, plus a controlled pilot’s camera. Obviously, two people are needed for full-fledged work – the pilot is driving the quadrocopter, and the operator is filming video through the pendant camera.

Other details have not yet been presented, however, Sony said that they intend to implement all their best practices in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence in this project.


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