So small: Tom Felton shares archival photos from the filming of “Harry Potter”


The actor pampers fans of “Harry Potter” with rare photos.

Tom Felton continues to feel nostalgic for the days of filming Harry Potter. Recently, he posted two archive photos from the first parts of the films. In the first photo, Tom is captured in a trailer with Devon Murray and Josh Herdman.

In between scenes, 2001

– he signed the frame. Felton then shared a snapshot of him in the company of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and again Josh Herdman. In the corner of the photo, you can see the red hair of Rupert Grint, who did not fit into the frame.

So small: Tom Felton shares archival photos from the filming of

The photo with Harry, Draco and Hermione turned out to be so funny that users could not resist joking:
“Harry Potter and the Day Nobody Combed”, “You and Emma look like you haven’t slept in two days”, “Tom, you’re just spoiling us with content, thanks!”, “Tom is posting some very good dragon content, maybe we should to found DracoTok? ”,“ When you ruined the air and pretend that it’s not you, but everyone knows that it’s you ”,“ When my mother asked me to pose for a photo ”.

Tom celebrated his 33rd birthday last week, and on this occasion, Jason Isaacs, his on-screen father, heart-warmingly congratulated him on his birthday.

Today you have entered the age of Jesus! In these strange dark days, you are like a ray of light to me. Thank you for your mischief, for the music and magic that you please me (and others too). I love myself, son. Your fake dad.

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