Slimming Rebel Wilson chooses a plunging swimsuit as her Halloween costume

Slimming Rebel Wilson chooses a plunging swimsuit as her Halloween costume

This year, the actress started losing weight and has already lost more than 20 kilograms.

For Halloween, Rebel Wilson played the main theme of 2020 and reincarnated as a warrior fighting the coronavirus. The actress and comedian showed Instagram subscribers her festive costume, which consisted of a plunging swimsuit, a black raincoat and pink ankle boots.

“Call me Rona (Warrior Princess). Destroys the crown everywhere, wherever it comes, “- wrote in the microblog Rebel. She also shared a video in which she brandishes her nunchaku, threatening the coronavirus.

Wilson fans praised her open-toed suit, which showcases the actress’s slimming results In the spring, 40-year-old Rebel announced that this year she will take care of her health and start exercising and monitoring her diet. “I turned 40 in March, and I decided to take on myself. This year I focused on myself and my health. I work a lot on mental and physical health, I follow the nutrition, I have a lot of personal training. And it’s very cool, ”Rebel said. In August, she reported that in three months she managed to lose 20 kilograms. Then her weight reached 83 kilos, and the cherished goal of Rebel – 75 kilos. She intends to reach it by the end of the year.

Earlier, Wilson admitted that she overeat, including because the role of “donkey” was attached to her and she was asked to stay in weight. “I overeat, and I even had a job where I was paid to get bigger,” she said in an interview.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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