Singapore has developed a glue that instantly sets under the influence of a magnetic field

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University NTU (Singapore) have developed an adhesive that sets when exposed to a magnetic field.

The curing of the components of epoxy based adhesives usually occurs under the influence of heat, light or moisture. In the case of a new adhesive, a special “magnetic treatment” is required for curing.

It contains epoxy resin with the addition of pre-prepared nanoparticles of manganese, zinc and iron. Under the influence of the magnetic field, they heat up, rigidly fixing the materials. It is easier to apply, adheres faster, and requires less energy and space to apply compared to other varieties.

So, for example, for gluing bicycle frames and carbon fiber helmets, large ovens are needed, operating for several hours, while a small electromagnetic device is enough to cure nanoglue.

It takes a 2,000-watt oven for an hour to fix a gram of regular epoxy glue, the researchers said. A 200-watt electromagnetic device can handle the same amount of magnetic nanoglue in five minutes, that is, the energy will be needed 120 times less. The effect of the adhesive has already been tested for gluing wood, ceramics and plastics.

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