Sienna Miller complained about how she was “frighteningly underpaid” compared to men

Sienna Miller complained about how she was “frighteningly underpaid” compared to men

The actress explained why female actresses need to be paid more.

In a new interview with Porter, Sienna Miller revealed how she struggled for years to receive the same royalties as her male counterparts.

According to the actress, Chadwick Boseman, her co-star on 21 Bridges, even gave her part of his salary to smooth the difference between their fees. Plus, she was “frighteningly underpaid,” says Sienna, for her shooting in The Sniper.

“The more you push yourself out of the box and protect yourself, the more confident and valuable you become. I try to insist on my own. Sometimes this means awkward conversations and defending my position in a way that is not very natural for me, but I try, ”said the actress.

Sienna noted that women have to invest more in their promotion than men: from buying dresses for the carpet to interacting with the press. “And they [женщины] want to work off this money, ”says the star.

Separately, she emphasized the topic of combining acting and motherhood: “If a man is forced to go somewhere to shoot, most often his wife stays at home with the children. And if you are a single mother? You need to carry your child with you, look for a school or a nanny for him. Who will pay for this? Why not get compensated for pulling your whole family out of place to work? ” – said Miller and noted that now “acts more rigidly.”

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