Sia Sia adopts teenagers out of love for documentaries and reality shows


The singer saw one of her sons in a documentary.

In a new interview with Australia’s Vogue, singer Sia admitted that reality shows and documentaries prompted her to take her adopted sons. We will remind, in the summer she said that she adopted two adult boys, one of whom has already become a father.

As Sia said, she saw one of the future sons in a documentary:

I thought that? He has no one. Oh my God. I will find him and become his mother. ” So I did.

It was difficult, but I am so filled with love that I even see myself doing it again. But not anytime soon. The next thing I plan to do is to adopt babies. Maybe their mom turns out to be a drug addict, and then I could help look after them until their mom returns or until they find a foster family. If I did something like that, I would feel like a superman

– shared Sia.

Singer Sia adopted teenagers out of love for documentaries and reality shows

Last year, Sia became a mom for the first time by adopting two 18-year-olds. The singer noted that the boys had already passed the age of adoption, but this did not stop her from taking them under her wing. Only a year has passed, and the singer had grandchildren. In the summer, in an interview with Apple Music, she said that one of her adopted sons became the father of two children and she officially became a grandmother.

My youngest son became the father of two children. Now I’m a fucking granny! They call me Nana

– shared then the star.

Also in an interview with Good Morning America, Sia told how she was raising two guys:

They suffered enough, and I had the opportunity to help them, I had the resources to give them everything they needed. It took us a year [для адаптации], we had ups and downs, but now we are better than ever.

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