Shawn Mendes dedicated all his songs to his beloved Camila Cabello


The singer said this in the trailer for the documentary In Wonder.

Camila Cabello is not only Shawn Mendes’ relationship partner, but also his muse. The singer said a few words about his relationship with his beloved in the new trailer for his documentary Netflix In Wonder: he noted that all his songs are “about her.”

When my song is played on the radio or somewhere else, I say, “It’s all about you. All my songs, they are all about you. Each ”. And she told me: “What do you mean?”

Sean says at the end of the trailer, which came out on Tuesday.

Shawn Mendes dedicated all his songs to his beloved Camila Cabello

Mendes and Cabello started dating in July 2019, but have been in touch for several years now. In 2015, they recorded the song I Know What You Did Last Summer together, and in 2018 they released a joint track Senorita. Sean and Camila’s love relationship began after filming a hot video for this song, and many then thought that their romance was a PR stunt. However, for PR, the relationship between the stars was somewhat delayed.

During the quarantine period, there were rumors that Mendes and Cabello had parted ways. Fans suggested this due to the fact that the couple stopped posting joint photos on Instagram. At the same time, both were busy supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and devoted many publications to this.

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