Sharon Stone 62, surprised by sex symbol status

Sharon Stone, 62, CELEBRITY

At the same time, in a new photo shoot, the star poses with a spectacular neckline. Sharon Stone became the heroine of the new Town & Country issue.

She took part in a photo shoot for the publication, and also gave an interview where she discussed her status as a sex symbol and work in show business. Sharon admitted that she does not understand why at 62 she is still considered a sex symbol.

It’s hard because everyone expects you to always be that way. It was very difficult for Marilyn Monroe. She starred in very serious and significant films, but could not get away from her reputation. This is called show business.

Many behave in it like children, they think that everyone should take care of them, that they cannot make any decisions and act on orders, Stone said. In one of the photos in the new issue, Sharon appeared in a long dress with a deep neckline.

People still want to see my breasts. I’m 62! Are you seriously? Grow up! Okay, here’s a little bit, she joked. Recently, Sharon’s sister fell ill with COVID-19, and now the actress considers it her duty to remind everyone of the importance of wearing masks. She is sure that her sister became infected due to the careless attitude of others to protection.

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