Shameless star Emmy Rossum responded to hater’s sarcasm: “I get paid to strip.”


Some viewers try to shame the actress for the fact that she often starred in naughty scenes.

For nine years, Emmy Rossum starred in the TV series Shameless, where she often appeared in sex scenes. Some believe that the actress used her sexuality to make more money and remind Rossum of this when the opportunity arises.

Speaking of her role as Fiona Gallagher on the series, Rossum noted:

We are trying to show the character and what he does in a truthful way. Even if the truth implies sexuality, intimate or violent relationships between characters – as long as it looks realistic. Showing off sexuality in art is no different than showing off any other part of life. Sex is also a part of life. We explore the intimate sides of our characters, whether it’s anger, feelings of loss, happiness, or sexuality.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum responded to hater's sarcasm:

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