Severely: Dwayne Johnson injured himself in training and appreciated the taste of his own blood


The actor cut his temple with a chain, but continued to study.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a workout video with fans on Instagram and showed the result of the chain hitting him in the face.

We have very intensive work going on here. But we are not playing children’s games. Well, nothing happens

– says Duane in the video. He also tasted the blood running down his temple:

Fine. Generally normal. Okay, back to work.

In the microblog, the actor clarified that he worked with a 20-kilogram chain, and the wound would eventually have to be stitched up.

Feel the taste of your blood, continue practicing, and then stitches will be applied – these are our rules here. And I can tell that my blood tastes like Teremana. Have a productive week, friends,

– wrote Johnson. Teremana is a brand of tequila that Johnson began producing this year.

Recently, the actor successfully promoted his product by sending it as a birthday present to his 101-year-old fan. The actor has an elderly fan, whom he affectionately calls Granny Grover. Once a fan asked the Rock to congratulate his grandmother on her 100th birthday, and the actor was delighted with her considerable age.

Severely: Dwayne Johnson injured in training and appreciated the taste of his own blood

For his 101st birthday, Duane decided to send his grandmother a postcard and two bottles of his tequila.

I am so proud that you are my fan, and I am grateful that you are in this world. Love, Rock,

– he turned to the old woman and noted that such things are “the best part of his fame.” Granny Gruver was very pleased.

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