Serhiy Bogachuk: “Lomachenko won the fight with Lopez. Everything was decided there before the fight.”


Serhiy Bogachuk, a promising Ukrainian first middleweight boxer, believes that Vasily Lomachenko defeated Teofimo Lopez in the fight for the title of absolute world lightweight champion. According to the prospectus, the judges who gave the American an almost crushing victory (116-112, 117-111, 119-109) were initially set for such a result.

“I watch when our guys from Ukraine or one of my friends are boxing. I watched Vasya’s fight right now. I thought that he would win this fight. That is, I thought that after the fight they would raise Vasya’s hand.

As for me, if you take the whole fight as a whole, Lomachenko was more accurate and spectacular. In my opinion, he won this fight, but gave it away. I do not know what the undercurrents are there, why this is so. Moreover, there were such gaps in the judicial notes.

I think the judges were insured. So everything was decided there before the fight. As for me, Vasya won, “Sergei Bogachuk said in an interview with pro_boxing_ua.

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