Sergio Mora: I am a real fan of Povetkin

Sergio Mora BOXING

DAZN streaming experts / commentators Sergio Mora and Todd Grisham are thinking about revenge. The Povetkin-White II battle will take place on November 21 in Britain.

“Look, I’m a real Povetkin fan,” says ex-world champion Mora. – And even when Alexander fought Anthony Joshua, I said that he was very dangerous. He gets praised for his fight with White, because the guy shows it all at the age of 41. I also pay tribute to Povetkin, applaud standing for that victory. But I can’t say the same about White’s team. Yes, I’m talking about their decision to agree to an immediate revenge. The fact is that when a fighter is knocked out in the ring, as happened with White, he needs time to return to the game. “

“You can’t go back like this,” Mora is sure. – He risks concussion, he will fight nervously and anxiously. He will not really know how to respond to the first heavy missed blow. I don’t like their solution. But this is boxing. The dude was one step away from the fight for the world title. And now he is one step away from the end of his career. After all, he will have to think about it if he loses again. Especially if it flies in early again. This is both the beauty and the curse of boxing. “

“But it looks like the revenge will take place,” Grisham notes reasonably. – What can we expect from the second fight? What do you expect from him, Sergio? “

“To begin with, they are in a hurry. It’s too early for a rematch, Mora insists. – You know, only the greatest returned after such defeats. After a year of knockout losses. He not only lost, he was knocked out. Povetkin knocked White out with a left uppercut. Secondly, we have never seen White at the championship level before. Yes, he came very close. Yes, he is a great contender, but he has never fought for the title before. And Povetkin is an Olympic champion, a fighter of the level of champion fights. And even in spite of his age, he is still dangerous. So I don’t like White’s team’s decision. There is no logic in it, only pride and pride. I’m sure Dillian should have had an interim fight first. So my bet is that Povetkin will win in the second fight. My prediction is a late early victory for Alexander. “

“You say we must pay tribute to Povetkin,” Grisham reflects. “But it’s obvious that his career has been tainted with doping stories. But, on the other hand, this veteran will have the 4th fight in 13 months, although most of his colleagues have no more than 2 fights during this time. This guy has only one early defeat in the liabilities, and from Joshua. He’s aged but still in the game. And he has the psychology of a real fighter. Tell me, have you ever heard that Povetkin complained about a promoter or about contract terms? Promoter Eddie Hearn respects this guy too. After all, he is a real professional, a real warrior. “

“You know, Sergio,” Grisham continues. – In any case, I take off my hat to Povetkin. Regardless of how the rematch ends. As for me, the fighters should be just like Povetkin. This dude doesn’t care about anything – he just goes into the ring to fight. It is for this reason that he has such a career. “

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