Sergei Kovalev: “I think Lomachenko won 7: 5 in rounds”


Former world light heavyweight champion Sergei Kovalev continues to consider the outcome of the fight for the title of undisputed light heavyweight champion between Vasily Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez unfair. According to “Crasher”, the Ukrainian boxer has worked, if not for a minimal victory, then at least for a draw.

“My opinion on yesterday’s decision in battle: we are newcomers. People come here for their dreams, and they don’t give it to us. Yesterday’s decision was a confirmation, because almost all rounds were given to a local fighter.

I believe that Vasya won 7: 5 in rounds. Maybe it seemed to me so because I drowned for him, but a draw would have seemed an adequate solution. For example, there would be a background to revenge. And now it is clear that they just took it, squeezed it and sent it to x * p, “said Sergey Kovalev in Instagram Stories.

Recall that immediately after the fight Lomachenko – Lopez Kovalev extremely emotionally commented on the decision of the judges.

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