Sergei Kovalev has replenished his car fleet with Mercedes: “I had to pay more than the planned amount for it”


Former world light heavyweight champion Sergei Kovalev owns a 1999 Mercedes-Benz S 500, which he recently announced on social media. However, as Crusher said on his additional Krusher’s Cars Instagram page, he had to pay more for the car than he had planned.

“Krusher’s Cars has a new addition. Auction for the submitted
Mercedes S500, 1999, 60K miles (100 thousand km), which I was lucky enough to get.

A stubborn opponent was caught, so I had to pay more than the planned amount for him. But it’s okay, but now I’m happy, because in the garage there is another thoroughbred car with a low mileage for it.

PS The first W140 that I presented to you earlier, I will see in 2 weeks in Florida, where we are going to fly with my family for a swim, “wrote Sergey Kovalev.

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