Senator Romney: “Many Americans are afraid for our country”


Former presidential candidate Republican Senator Mitt Romney denounced what he described as “vile” and “brutal” American policies, noting that “many Americans fear for our country.”

“I didn’t say anything about the upcoming elections,” Romney said in a statement posted on Twitter. “But I am concerned about our politics, which has gone from heated debate to a vile, brutal, hate-filled quagmire that does not suit any free country, let alone the place where modern democracy was born.”

He rebuked the leaders of both the Republican and the Democratic parties, noting that “the president calls the Democratic vice presidential candidate a ‘monster'” national television ”.

Romney warned of the possible negative consequences of this bitter rhetoric.

“These frenzied attacks provoke conspiracy theorists and haters to take the small and predictable step from unrestrained speech to dangerous action,” continued the Utah senator. “The world is watching America with great horror, but more importantly, our children are also watching. Many Americans fear for a country that is so divided, angry and violent. “

“It’s time to turn down the heat,” summed up Romney. – Leaders should soften their tone. Leaders at the top and leaders of all kinds: parents, bosses, journalists, columnists, professors, union leaders – everyone. The build-up of anger will put us in a very bad place. No sane person can want this. “

Romney was the GOP presidential candidate in 2012 but lost to Barack Obama.

Neither President Donald Trump nor Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden openly reacted to Romney’s warning.

However, earlier this month, Biden, a former vice president, in a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, warned of deepening divisions in the country.

“When I look at America today, I’m worried,” Biden said. – The country is in a dangerous situation. We began to trust each other less. Hope is slipping away. “

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