Senate committee vote to nominate Amy Barrett for chief justice October 22


The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday set the nomination committee’s vote for Amy Connie Barrett, who was nominated by President Trump for the Supreme Court Justice, on November 22nd.

Regular hearings in the committee are being held without the participation of Barrett, who for the previous two days answered questions from senators. In total, the two-day hearings took almost 20 hours.

Committee chairman, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, despite Democratic objections, has scheduled a vote for October 22, even before the final stage of hearings is completed – statements by experts and witnesses from among both supporters and opponents of this appointment.

Lindsay Graham

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar expressed outrage at the decision, calling it a “farce.”

Republicans hope Amy Barrett will be confirmed in office even before the presidential election on November 3rd. In this case, the number of conservative supreme justices will be six out of nine.

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