Senate Begins Consideration of Barrett’s Candidacy for Supreme Court Justice


Senate begins considering Amy Connie Barrett’s candidacy for the position of Supreme Court Justice. About 15 senators are preparing to ask her questions in closed meetings.

The tumultuous activity that erupted just 36 hours after President Donald Trump’s nomination for Barrett is another sign that Republicans intend to move quickly. They intend to fill the vacancy that arose after the death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the elections and thereby strengthen the Conservative wing in the 9-seat Supreme Court to 6 people.

The White House planned to send the nomination papers for Barrett, a professor at the University of Notre Dame and an appellate judge in Chicago, to the Senate on Tuesday, when lawmakers reconvene after the Jewish holidays.

Barrett is slated to pay courtesy visits to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who supported her nomination, Legal Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham, and many other Republican committee members.

Some high-ranking Democrats turned down offers to meet with her. Others have pledged to use these meetings to ask Judge Barrett to clarify her positions on politically contentious issues that could be brought up to court, including abortion and LGBT rights.

“This whole process is illegitimate,” said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. “I will not meet with her.”

Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal and Maisie Hirono have taken similar positions.

Trump called Barrett “one of the most brilliant and gifted legal minds in the country.”

The Legal Committee is already in full swing for a four-day hearing, which will begin in two weeks and will be broadcast on national television.

This generated a huge volume of securities. On Sunday, Barrett was sent a long, standard questionnaire. In it, the committee invited her to draw up a portrait of her professional career, talk about membership in any professional organizations, state her legal position, and also provide a detailed account of all speeches, media interviews and published works.

Judge Barrett is also required to provide financial statements detailing her assets.

The FBI is also expected to conduct an audit of Barrett, which is a standard part of the approval process, Congress officials said.

In the normal course of events, FBI agents are likely to question Assistant Judge Barrett if she poses a threat to US national security. They will report their findings to the White House and then to the Senate.

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