Sean Porter worries about Gary Russell’s stagnant career

Sean Porter worries about Gary Russell’s stagnant career

Former world champion Sean Porter told how a few years ago Gary Russell Jr. believed that he would become one of the richest and most titled boxers in the world, but, unfortunately, the harsh reality threw the American to the margins of viewers’ attention. This happened largely because Russell very rarely reminds of himself and often only has one fight a year.

“I’ve made a list here to make sure I haven’t forgotten about anyone … Shakur Stevenson, Vasily Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez, Gervonta Davis, Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia. These are top boxers at 130-135 lbs. From these weight categories, all these boxers can move below and above. And this is great! If you go up and down in weight, participate in spectacular great fights, that’s good. “

“And you know, it’s a shame that Gary Russell is not among those six names. He’s my friend. “

“Russell called me one morning. It was about two years ago, it was still early, at eight o’clock in the morning. He woke me up. I think, “Who is this?” “It’s Gary Russell!” I’m trying to figure out who Russell is, and he says, “Sean, don’t be stupid.” “Ah, I didn’t understand that it was you. I just woke up, “I replied, and we talked on the phone for 30 minutes, talked about boxing and everything else.”

“During this conversation, which happened two or three years ago, he said:“ I am in control of my career. On paper I have people who perform the functions of a manager, but in reality I am my own manager! ” I say: “Okay, all the cards are in your hands,” and he: “No, you don’t understand. I will make more money than anyone in boxing. No one will tell me what to do or who to fight. I will decide everything myself! “

“As a result, this attitude has led to the fact that he is no longer included in the list of the best. Damn it, he could be better than any of these boxers, well, maybe with the exception of Lomachenko. “

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