Scotland will switch residential buildings from natural gas to hydrogen for the first time in the world


British government regulator for the use of gas and electricity Ofgem has approved the launch of an experiment using hydrogen as a source of energy for domestic needs. The Fife metropolitan area in Scotland was chosen as the site for the experiment; about 300 residential buildings will undergo modernization. The experiment is designed for four years in order to comprehensively evaluate the features of using hydrogen at the level of ordinary consumers.

The reason for this experiment is the desire to go from good to better, to replace the combustion of methane with the combustion of hydrogen to minimize emissions into the atmosphere. At one time in Great Britain, it was not without difficulty, but they still abandoned the massive use of coal stoves in homes, now it’s time to say goodbye to gas. Today, 85% of all households in the country are heated by gas boilers, but the British government has already taken the initiative to reduce all emissions to zero by 2050.

Hydrogen heating

The execution of the work is entrusted to the Scottish company SGN, which undertakes to manufacture and install free of charge furnaces, ovens and heating systems operating on hydrogen in homes. But pipes and other communications will leave old and this is also part of the experiment. Experts do not have a consensus on whether it is possible to use equipment designed for methane to transport hydrogen without alteration. This will become clear only in practice, for which $ 17 million has already been allocated.

The organizational part of the experiment is estimated at $ 24 million, and this is the case when money is extremely important. For example, such an aspect as the choice of technology for producing hydrogen. If we take electrolysis from water approved today, then its efficiency is only 80%, so it is elementary more profitable to spend this electricity directly on heating the room than to use hydrogen heating. The British have long preferred to sleep in warm pajamas and caps, and not overpay for heating the bedroom, so financial aspects are paramount. value.

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