Santa Claus received a license to visit the ISS

Santa Claus received a license to visit the ISS

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States announced the issuance of a personal license to Santa Claus to fly over the territory of the country and visit the American module of the ISS. According to the head of the department, Steve Dixon, this was done only after Santa agreed to move in a mask, for health reasons. The year has already turned out to be difficult, there is also no need to risk infecting astronauts.

A special space capsule “StarSleigh-1” (Star Sleigh) has been certified for visiting the ISS, which will be launched into orbit by a specialized launch vehicle “Rudolph Rocket” (Rudolph, the head reindeer in Santa’s harness), powered by biofuel (milk and gingerbread) … The flight will be commercial. Further, upon returning to the atmosphere, Santa will use “special operational powers to provide services for the delivery of goods by air, with the right to land directly on the roofs of houses in the United States on Christmas Eve.”

The news follows a CNN report by Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease specialist in the United States, who said that he personally tested Santa Claus for COVID-19 and received negative results. Also, the magical character was vaccinated. Combined with the promise to wear a mask, this means Santa can visit American homes without the risk of infecting anyone. Such measures are not accidental – it’s scary to imagine what would happen if someone spreads the coronavirus to tens of millions in just one night families.

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