Samsung showed a smartphone with a rolling display?

Samsung showed a smartphone with a rolling display?

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Samsung Lee Jae Yoon (Lee Jae-yong) recently visited a research center and company developments in Seoul, South Korea has made a lot of buzz.

What in this such

Not attracted attention the head of Samsung himself, and smartphone in his hands. Moreover, a snapshot where Lee pictured with unknown device, was published press service Samsung.

IN his hands are a smartphone that is too thin for foldable models. This gave rise to speculations that this device with rolling display, rumors of which have been walking for a long time. So, in late last year, a Korean company registered a patent for a display that can be enlarged by walk. A on CES 2020 в early this year, by rumored Samsung for closed doors showed the concept of a smartphone with rolling screen. The company allegedly arranged a show only for a select few, so the official photos of the device in networks not found.

By idea, part of such a display will unfold from body, increasing the screen area with 6 to 8 inches.

By the way, devices with similar design is also prepared by LG and TCL.

Source: PhoneArena

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