Samsung Galaxy S21 will receive an improved sub-screen fingerprint scanner – it will be faster and much larger


The closer the official announcement of the flagship family Samsung Galaxy S21 the more in network of leaks and rumors about new products. On This time the information was shared by the famous insider Ice Universe.

What to wait

By According to him, the Galaxy S21 smartphones will receive an improved fingerprint scanner located under the display. Initially he appeared in Galaxy S10, а then and in Galaxy S20. С at that time, the sensor practically did not has undergone changes.

So, according to Ice Universe, the sensor under the display will be square with sides length 8 mm, to there are 64 square millimeters in general. For comparison, have previous models had gauges of size 4×9 mm or 36 square millimeters.

In addition to size, the response speed. By insider information, it will be doubled. IN as a result, users do not you will need to keep your finger on screen one short touch is enough.

Hopefully the sensor works fine and stable, since in 2019 since the first scanners had problems: they only worked with selected protective films and allowed unregistered fingers to unlock the device.

Source: Ice Universe

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