Samsung Galaxy S21 flagships will lose not only the included charging, but also the microSD slot

Renowned insider Roland Quandt shared in social networks with new details about unannounced flagships Samsung Galaxy S21.

Without microSD

By According to him, all smartphones of the line will lose the slot for microSD memory cards. Of course, this may cause a wave of criticism in Samsung address, but nothing surprising in this is not: with increasing the amount of internal storage, many smartphone manufacturers refuse support for memory cards. A and same Apple and never at all used expandable memory.

Samsung, в in turn, I also experimented with giving up microSD slot. For example, its not was in flagships Galaxy Note 20. As for the Galaxy S series, then if Quandt’s information is confirmed, then Galaxy S21 smartphones will be the second after Galaxy S6 without memory card support. But Samsung will offer different versions with minimum 128 GB PZU.

No charging, but not everywhere

In addition, the Galaxy S21 should lose and charger in set. But Roland Quandt reports that in some countries adapter though will be in box. True, which countries are these unknown. Most likely, those where manufacturers are legally obliged to complete smartphones with accessories. For example, in France iPhone 12 sold with wired headphones.

A source: Roland Quandt, BGR

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