Samsung Galaxy S20 FE diary: 10 things to love with the Galaxy S20 FE


They say we use only 3% of our brain power. There is no doubt that most people use the power of their smartphone with about the same efficiency. But, if it is very difficult to influence your brain capabilities (and you need to regularly and purposefully make special efforts for this), then most people cannot use all the capabilities of their smartphone due to the fact that they do not know about them. Modern smartphones (and the more powerful they are, the more this is manifested) have too many settings for the average consumer. Some settings are hidden deep in the depths of the menu and require immersion in them at 3-4 levels. In this text I want to talk about rarely used or little-known features Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which can make the user’s life more comfortable and interesting.

1. Wireless charging

Wireless chargers are no longer exotic as they were a few years ago. Of course, it is convenient to have such a device next to the bedside table and put the phone on it at night without worrying about finding the ever-lost cable and plugging it into the smartphone’s charging socket. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is interesting not only for its support for wireless charging. This smartphone also supports reversible wireless charging, that is, it allows you to charge other wireless charging devices using induction. For example, smart watches or headphones (by the way, Samsung has such). To activate reversible wireless charging in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, you need to go to Settings – Device Maintenance – Battery – Wireless PowerShare.

2. Live focus

One of the camera modes of Samsung smartphones that I especially like, and which I have already written about separately. It’s called live focus and lets you experiment with background processing settings. There are 5 modes of operation of the algorithms (their results are shown in the photo below), each has 7 discrete levels of settings. Together, this gives 35 possible options for each shot taken in this mode. There is plenty of room for creative experimentation in search of the perfect shot! By the way, Live Focus works with both the main and front-facing selfie cameras, as you can see.

3. Super high-speed video shooting

Although this mode for shooting videos at up to 960 frames per second has been in Samsung smartphones for several years, something tells me that this mode will be a novelty for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE buyer. It is important to remember that this shooting mode has two options for working: normal and with motion detection in the frame, when the recording automatically starts when an object appears in the user-specified area.

4. Hyperlapse

Another video mode with a lot of creativity, underestimated, in my opinion, by users. Allows you to easily and easily (you just need to fix the phone motionless when shooting) to create large-scale canvases of nature or city life, and opens up a huge scope for creativity that can impress friends.

5. Sound sensors

This feature, called “Sound Sensors”, is more intended for smartphone users with hearing impairments, but it shows how much smartphones can change our lives and make it comfortable in a variety of situations and where technology assistance will be very useful. This section of the menu is hidden deep in its depths: Settings – Accessibility – Increase sensitivity – Sound sensors. It has two modes of operation: doorbell recognition and baby crying. In both cases, you must first make examples of recording such sounds. And if it is easy to record the sound of a doorbell, then the crying of a child is a slightly more complicated story. In theory, of course, such a function may be useful not only for the hearing impaired. For example, you won’t hear the doorbell if you listen to music on your headphones. And you can hardly miss the message on the smartphone screen if it lies in front of you.

6. Bixby scripts

An extremely useful feature from our near future. I have already devoted a separate text to Bixby scripts, if you have not read it, I highly recommend studying to understand where the industry is heading and where technology in smartphones and all these preference-oriented assistants will lead us. In short, smartphones are already able to predict our desires (even those that we have not yet guessed about) based on the data received using the smartphone: from the time of waking up to our favorite and frequently used applications (and depending on where we are – at home, in the car or in the office). All this can be independently configured and changed, although Bixby creates basic scenarios on its own, studying the habits and preferences of the phone owner. And all this future is already available in the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

7. Double profile

There are many reasons why users need to lead a “double” life in instant messengers and have multiple profiles. The simplest example is a messenger tied to a work and personal SIM card. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE makes it easy to solve this problem by using an additional version of the selected messenger. If desired, he can even have a separate contact list. You can get to this section in the menu as follows: Settings – Additional settings – Dual profile.

8. EDGE Screen

The EDGE Bar is such a versatile tool for widgets and app icons that you always have at your fingertips – you don’t need to open your smartphone desktop or app drawer. I use it for applications for retail stores and gas station chains – usually at the checkout you always start frantically looking for the application you need, and you waste time and nerves on this process. By placing them in the EDGE panel, I always know that I can reach the applications I want with a flick of a finger. In addition to app shortcuts, there are several other widget options for the EDGE bar, and a variety of third-party options are always available in the Galaxy Store. And among these panels there are also interesting ones.

9. Protecting confidential data Samsung Pass

Another important aspect of modern life is the security of user data. The Internet is filled with stories of people (not just football or show business stars) being blackmailed with photos found on their smartphones. On Samsung smartphones, you can use the Samsung Pass secure vault, where you can store passwords for websites, apps, and services. This is especially convenient when switching from one Samsung smartphone to another, it saves a lot of time, it is enough to enter only the password to Samsung Pass and you get the opportunity to enter passwords for your services stored there, logging in with your fingerprint. It is worth adding that the Galaxy S20 FE uses Samsung Knox technology, which allows you to encrypt user data (the smartphone has a separate chip responsible for this process). In this way, you can create a protected area in the smartphone’s memory where you can safely store photos or applications. Even if the smartphone is stolen, it will be impossible to access encrypted data without a password. You can get to Samsung Pass by going to Settings – Biometrics & Security – Samsung Pass.

10. Screen video recording

And this opportunity, although not unique, but except for geeks, perhaps, no one uses it. Although for fans of mobile games, streamers and application developers, it is simply irreplaceable. You can record a screencast (broadcast from the screen), save it in MP4 format and then publish it, for example, on YouTube. You can set up sound recording using only the sounds of applications, add your own comments to them (recording from the smartphone’s microphone is in progress – this is convenient for streaming) or completely mute the video. You can add a recording from the front camera to the video – just like streamers do. In general, there is also where to turn around. For convenience, I also include a special panel for screenshots (it helps me in my work when I need to talk about a smartphone and take dozens of screenshots to show its capabilities).

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The most important thought to be taken out of this text

Modern smartphones have an incredible amount of a wide variety of functions that can be useful in a variety of situations. Thanks to the huge amount of built-in electronics (here and GPS, and microphones, and all imaginable wireless connections, and built-in cameras, and much more), they are already ahead of the technological capabilities of our computers, so they can make life more comfortable in many more cases. I hope this text will help you think about it, and use your smartphone to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

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