Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

The study of the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in diary format is coming to an end, so I would like to separately dwell on the pleasant little things that make the use of this smartphone more comfortable. I already talked about some of them, some of them are not only in this smartphone, which does not detract from these advantages (for example, the same wireless charging capability, which is worth knowing about).

1. Fast wireless charging

Support for wireless charging is becoming a good practice for flagship smartphone models. For me, the best wireless charging scenario is the charging pad on the nightstand, next to the bed. Where can you leave your phone overnight without worrying about how to connect the cable before going to bed and be sure that the smartphone will be fully charged in the morning. It is worth remembering that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra supports a mode of operation in which it itself can serve as a charger for other gadgets. In practice, it looks simple: connect the charging cable to your smartphone, turn it over and put, for example, a smart watch with wireless charging function or TWS headphones on the back cover. For the buyer The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is likely to be the Galaxy Watch 3 or the Galaxy Buds Live headphones. It is worth remembering that the concept of “fast wireless charging” is somewhat different from “fast wired charging”, therefore, where conventional wired charging will cope in 3-3.5 hours, fast wired charging – in 1.5 hours, fast wireless will fully charge the smartphone in about 2.5-3 hours … Although, if we are talking about a bedside table and charging at night, this is no longer critical.

2. Extended Quick Access Toolbar

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

Usually a huge panel with numerous icons scares the less trained user than yours truly. But the point is this: these three screens of “quick settings” are presented here for educational purposes only. And, firstly, in practice, no one needs so many of them at the same time. And this list can be customized, leaving only those icons that you plan to use, secondly. For example, I always leave the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC buttons so that I can quickly reboot the wireless connection or check if the smartphone is ready for contactless payment. I also always leave the airplane mode icon (but I use it more often in cinemas or presentations than on airplanes), the hotspot icon (you may always need to share the internet for your laptop) and a flashlight (so that it is always at hand). Recently, with the advent of a small child, I have always been a silent mode so that calls, notifications and mobile games do not wake up my sleeping daughter at the most inopportune moment. With regard to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I also used the “Screen Recorder” button (for example, when I recorded the gameplay of Asphalt 9 for diary entries about performance. By the way, I remember, I was looking for a long time where to activate it, and when I found it – in the quick access bar , I realized that this is really the most convenient option for its placement.Such a button should be at hand – the screen recording can easily help you quickly show the operation of the application when contacting technical support or become useful advice to a friend in response to his problem.

3. Screenshot by moving your palm

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

I take screenshots from my phone much more often than I record video from the screen. Of course, you remember that in the case of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, screenshots can be taken with the S Pen, but if you do not need to add anything to them (for example, while working on these diaries, I took a couple of hundred screenshots), then just slide the edge of your palm across the screen as shown in the tutorials in the gesture control settings. That is, you can forget about annoying (because they do not always work correctly) simultaneous pressing of the power button and the volume down key (a standard Android function).

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

The screensaver on the screen is always a field for experimentation. Producers and users alike compete in creative searches for a beautiful screen saver. Although the best option for such a screensaver today is the Always On mode, in which at rest the smartphone displays the clock, battery level and important notifications, sometimes you still want something more fun and unusual. Such a pleasant surprise was the screen saver mode, in which animated images from the camera’s photo album (or any other folder, there may be several of them) appear on the screen. The mode is called “Photo Table”. There is also a “Photo frame”, but it is less interesting – when it is activated, one photo appears on the whole screen, which is not so interesting. And then there is pure entertainment (who said that this smartphone is needed only for work?), And each time it is different, reminiscent of recent photo shoots.

5. Remote camera control with S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

Despite the fact that I can’t draw at all, and my handwriting is able to compete with the famous poultry, which is why I do not use the S Pen so often, it should be said that I do take photos a lot, so I gladly adopted this profession. S Pen is like a remote control for the camera shutter. Now I have a photo where I kind of say “And the pens, here they are!” That is, in the distance, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can completely forget about the existence of the shutter timer (although, of course, there is one here too), because there is a more convenient way.

6. Measuring distances using a camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

I already talked about this function when I described all sorts of tricks that the camera of this smartphone is capable of. But it is so convenient and unusual that it is definitely one of the ten less obvious things for which you can fall in love with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It will be especially useful to everyone who has taken the path of renovating an apartment or house. And to everyone who is involved in various repair work. It’s worth recalling that this feature is part of a suite of AR camera apps, most of which are entertaining and great on vacation time. And it’s great to entertain not the smallest children.

7. Connect to PC and send SMS from PC

In general, sometimes you wonder why such a function did not appear before (I remember, I used something similar in later versions of Symbian). It works, however, only for Windows 10, so I simply could not use it on a MacBook, but most computer users have just Windows and the ability to quickly connect a smartphone to a PC and be able to control telephone functions from their desktop (and not so) computer will be useful. You can answer messages, receive calls on your computer (like using Skype, for example). You just need to connect your smartphone to your computer by going to in your PC browser.

8. Setting up SOS messages

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

Generally, if I am not mistaken, the idea of ​​SOS messages appeared in Samsung mobile phones. At least Samsung was the first to talk about this and highlight this functionality even on push-button phones, which were positioned for primary school students. The idea is that by pressing a combination of keys (in this case, 3 or 4 times in a row, you need to press the power button of the smartphone), a message for help is sent to a pre-recorded number. Taking into account the modern capabilities of smartphones (GPS, cameras, sound recording), the SOS signal is now sent in the form of several MMS, which contain photos taken by the main and front cameras, a 5-second recording of a voice recorder and GPS coordinates. In general, the case when security is not superfluous, especially if you think about it in advance. And let this opportunity remain never used for its intended purpose.

9. Fast file transfer via Samsung QuickShare

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

In general, we are so used to transferring files between phones via Bluetooth that it has become a part of our life. But what if you need to transfer multiple video files that exceed hundreds of megabytes? I once had to do this in the absence of mobile Internet (it was in a remote village, where the charms of 3G have not yet reached, not to mention 4G). The pleasure was dubious and the process took an hour and a half. To facilitate this process, Samsung has a special version of Wi-Fi Direct called QuickShare (in the Ukrainian version it is called “quick spilny access”, in which transferring 450 megabytes of files took me 5 seconds. True, this required … another Samsung smartphone.

10. Samsung DeX wireless mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Diary: 10 Little Things I Love About This Smartphone

Another feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is impossible not to mention when talking about this smartphone. This is the DeX feature, introduced a couple of years ago, and allows you to turn your smartphone into a computer by connecting it to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. In fact, it turns into a productive Chromebook with all mobile applications. Previously, this required a separate device. Today, for The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra requires a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse and a Miracast-enabled monitor or TV. In this case, no cables are needed to operate and transform the smartphone into a computer. True, I did not have a suitable monitor on hand at the farm, so I could not check this feature with my own hands, but it is useful to know about it. Once upon a time, we waited for the emergence of smartphones with which you can travel without burdening yourself with portable computers. It seems like times like this are getting closer and closer. And, by the time hotels have TVs that support Miracast (or another, similar standard, preferably royalty-free like HDR +), smartphones will already be ready for such scenarios.

One important thing to remember about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone

  • This is not just a flagship Android smartphone, it is a real starship that has collected practically all the technologies available today that can be used in smartphones. It has more settings than any personal computer, which makes it an indispensable assistant for modern life in all its active manifestations: from work and entertainment to sports and creativity.

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