Ruslan Provodnikov named potential opponents for which he is ready to return to boxing


Former world light welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov, if he returns to the ring, it is only for the sake of a duel with such rivals as Timothy Bradley or Roy Jones Jr.

Last spring, the manager of Siberian Rocky Vadim Kornilov said that Provodnikov could hold the next fight at the end of this year. While Ruslan himself admitted that he does not feel much motivation to put on gloves again, believing that he has an overly traumatic boxing style.

“For me to have a desire to enter the ring today, it must be a fight that will represent history for me,” said Provodnikov. – “One of the first fights I can name is the fight with Timothy Bradley. If people from Roy Jones call me today and say that they would like to fight with me, for this fight I am ready to immediately pack up my bag, without hesitation to quit from work and immediately go. For me this is a story, it seems that we both did not finish something, did not put an end, but so simply to spend time, health, to fight with someone and amuse someone – me it is not interesting”.


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