Rumor: TSMC received a license to cooperate with Huawei, but nothing good about it


Sources in China reports that TSMC is in a limited number of companies received from US government license to cooperation with Huawei.

What does it mean

Recall TSMC is a Taiwanese company that made Kirin chips for Huawei. But due to US sanctions, cooperation had to be curtailed, since the ban applies to all foreign companies that use their work patented American technology. AT As a result, TSMC managed to complete a large batch of Kirin 9000 processors for the Huawei Mate 40 flagships, but they say that this amount will not last long that’s enough.

It seemed would, the problem can be solved by a US license, but no. By according to sources, America has given permission to cooperation with Huawei, но from restrictions: TSMC will only be able to supply «mature technologies»… In other words, these are chips made by 28 nm or more «thick» technical processes. AND processes like 16, 10, 7 and 5 nm are already advanced.

By in fact, the resolution is still not will allow the Chinese company to effectively compete in market for 5G base stations and to release advanced branded chips.

Moreover, in TSMC declined to confirm or deny this information, stating that «not will respond to unfounded market rumors».

Source: Gizchina 1, 2

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