Roy Jones spoke in detail about his relationship with his father: “We still don’t talk.”


As previously reported, Roy Jones Jr. recently featured on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Roy and Joe touched on a variety of topics in a two-hour conversation. So Jones shed light on the reason for the breakdown in relations with his father, a Vietnam War veteran, under whose patronage he began his career.

“There is no such thing that the most outstanding people would not have a scar on their shoulder, – the boxer points out the need for a strong desire to prove his superiority, and sometimes this desire can correspond to a load of resentment. – Without such zeal, it will not be possible to reach the very heights or that which will put you on a par with the great. I had two such scars: one from a robbery at the Olympics, and the other from my father, whose paths diverged. Because deep down I understood that he didn’t want me to reach the top without him. These were the scars I had, so because of their presence, I could not afford to lose. My failure would mean a victory for my father, you know? He said that I would not be able to reach my potential without his help, so at one time, losing was unacceptable for me.

All I need is faith in God, this is how I was raised, and this was not to spite my father. Thanks to the Lord, I turned my attention to cockfighting, then life brought me together with Charlie Campbell – you don’t know about him, because he performed for amateurs a long time ago – but God made me see so much with the help of Charlie Campbell, with whom I communicate to this day. And if not for Charlie Campbell, then perhaps Roy Jones Jr. would never have appeared. He taught me a charisma that I would never have learned from my father. It was just incredible.

He won due to the charisma of all the charges of my father, who competed with him in the same weight and every time it was easy. Because he had confidence, he did not doubt himself, he knew how to move and knew how to do things in the ring that made me really enjoy watching him. Moreover, he did not have a punch, he did not have outstanding skills, and he was worse than them as a boxer. But his charisma allowed him to win every time: he did not hit hard, but somewhere he would sound his blow. And I, looking at it, is like: “Wow!”. He hits the guys from my team, and they train in the gym the same way I train, but they do not have such charisma as Charlie – their father did not allow them to feel so relaxed and confident in the ring. So I need to do exactly what Charlie is doing, and if I combine my training routine with that kind of charisma, there will be something interesting.

I began to gradually introduce into my style what Charlie was doing, in order to understand what was all about. Somewhere he could make an exclamation, vocalize the action to show that everything is in order with his breathing control. Somewhere he could be like Bruce Lee: “Whoo!” And due to this, his strikes looked very impressive, this allowed him to win in battles. Although, in fact, the hits were not even close to as significant as it might seem from the outside. I looked at how he beat my father’s guys and began to copy his style. Not everything, of course, but I took something for myself. And when we were somewhere with him, it was just a living hell for all the other guys. You see, the boxers from our gym were losing to him, because I was 12 then and they were 17, so it made an impression on me, because the guys were bigger and boxed better. So I borrowed it from him.

Now I will tell you everything. I’m not trying to denigrate my father in any way, but this is how our life is arranged … Listen, when a lion reaches a certain age, he has to leave. As if they say to him: “It’s time. This is my pride, and you already have to start your flock.” It was the same with me – from an early age I understood that sooner or later I would have to leave, judging by the way everything was going. And even if you take as an example those guys who trained with my father, he never allowed them to feel the real confidence, charisma that Charlie Campbell had – it was unacceptable. Because he was in charge.

As I said, nature was and remains my Bible. Many people wonder why I love animals and so on … because I see parallels between them and us. God made them what they are, and if a person intervenes, castrates an animal, then this is a completely different creature. And sometimes he does the same with us in society – castrates so that we do not snap back. So I’m trying to tell you that at the mental level, attempts are being made to castrate us. You castrate a stallion and he will no longer fight back. You “castrate” a person and he will be subdued. Therefore, in my opinion, this is what they are trying to do with us on the emotional and mental levels. And this is the same problem that was between me and my father. People ask: “What happened between you at all?” As for me, this is the same thing that he tried to do to me.

But what it taught me – and we will come back to this later – is that … In our youth, my father and I went hunting for squirrels, and there were males who had a penis, but there were no eggs. The male father did this to them. (according to research by scientists, such cases have not yet been identified, so this remains a myth. – Approx. per.). When the females gave birth, he deprived the cubs of the testicles, so he got rid of the competition. So this demonstrates what he did emotionally, what he did psychologically with all the guys in the hall. Charlie beat them because they were geldings and he was a stallion. In skills, in strength, Charlie did not surpass them, but in his head he was a stallion, while they were geldings. This is because their father emotionally suppressed them so emotionally in training, made geldings out of them, because he believed that no one had the right to take his place, he was in charge.

There is nothing personal in this, everyone has their own life, but as for me, I would not become a world champion if I let my father make me a gelding in emotional and mental aspects. There would be no Roy Jones that you see now. I couldn’t stay with him and watch him make a gelding out of me. And this happens between the trainers-fathers and their charges-sons – they do not want their sons to surpass them, and in order to stop the process of growing up sons, they must make geldings out of them. For this reason, these duets often do not work.

Father Lomachenko managed to do a good job in this regard, he is gifted by God. In many ways, he reminds me of Joe Calzaghe’s father: both of them never boxed, but at the same time raised world champions. They were able to see what would lead their sons to the top. The Lord gave him a vision of which path the son should step on, and this happened long before Lomachenko began his journey. The Lord rewarded my father with the same vision, but my father’s character did not allow him to enjoy the fruits of that very vision. “

“My father went through Vietnam, and then made sure that I, too, went through it in my age. Cared so cared. ” – Roy Jones Jr.

“You and your father have not settled this conflict?” Joe asks.

“Absolutely not”.

“Is he alive?”

“O yes”.

“Wow. Do you even talk to each other? “


“Wow! It must be strange for him. “

“No, he doesn’t see anything strange in this, because he understands that he is a lion, and I am a lion. This is the situation where he does not want to communicate, because they do not want to communicate with him. So this is not a series that the father does not want to communicate, although you have a desire to talk to him. No, you have no desire, and since you have no desire, he will not run after you, why would he do it. It would be unacceptable for me if my children were raised the same way as me, so I can talk with them on absolutely any topic. As a father, I agree with you that I could not have endured such a situation if they had not spoken to me.

If I could not overcome this, – Roy implies the episodes when the shadow of his father stood over him, – then I would not have achieved anything in boxing. Sean O’Grady has always told me before: “You did something that I would never have dared to.” – “Which one, Sean?” – “You were able to leave.” “I was destined to become a great boxer, so I had to do this. Now look what came of it.”

Poster: Photo shows Roy and his uncle Freddie Jones (BRIN-JONATHAN BUTLER)

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