Roy Jones shares his theory of why his fight with Mike Tyson was postponed


Former four-weight world champion Roy Jones Jr. has an interesting theory about why his show boxing match against Mike Tyson was eventually pushed back to a later date.

Recall that initially Jones and Tyson were supposed to fight on September 12th, but then the fight between the two boxing legends was unexpectedly moved to November 28th, as the organizers argued that they needed more time for an advertising campaign and marketing.

“I’m like six weeks, it’s nothing at all,” Jones said on Joe Rogan’s podcast. – “Tyson hasn’t fought in a long time. I could have prepared for this date. I could have been a little better prepared than him because he was much longer out of the ring compared to me. However, he is still Mike Tyson, and he is may still strike … But six weeks. ”There was no way he could get ready in that time.

Then something happened and they changed the date. They told me it was about marketing, but I don’t really believe in it. Because we were going to box before the start of the football season. People then sat at home idle. But I was told: “You know, we will get more public attention than we expected, and this happened and this, so we want to move the date.”

And it’s not that I’m afraid of Mike Tyson. I just know that in six weeks of preparation he could not compete with me in the ring. Whereas with 12 weeks he will have better chances, although he still will not be sweet, but better than at the beginning of September. With six weeks he didn’t have a small chance. “

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