Roy Jones believes that Kovalev went to fight against Alvarez for a large fee


Joe Rogan’s podcast was published earlier this week, featuring a welcome guest Roy Jones Jr.

Roy, talking about the fact that sometimes fighters accept the wrong fights and make mistakes with the approach to the fight, mentioned the clash in the ring between Saul Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev.

“I was not surprised at the result at all. I understood that Kovalev was not fighting him at the most suitable moment for him, since not much time had passed since his previous performance. And … in my opinion, Kovalev agreed to Canelo’s proposal not to beat him. I think he thought, “Had a chance to fight Alvarez, they pay good money, so I agree.” I have such an opinion. As if, I did not see the real Kovalev in the fight. I mean, you go out and try to do fencing with Canelo? Move when he follows you? That’s how Canelo hunted for Kovalev, so he had to hunt Mayweather in order to win.

And Saul made Kovalev turn from “Crusher” into a boxer. Out of the blue”.

“It seems – as many say – Kovalev is too addicted to alcohol,” Rogan notes.

“I’ve heard about it, but I’m trying to convey that Kovalev’s nickname is“ Crusher ”, and he suddenly allows another fighter, who has risen 2 categories higher, to dictate the pace, abandons his usual style in which he flourished. They call you “Crusher”, but suddenly you decide to arrange fencing with a boxer who has risen in weight? In no case! Do you understand? And don’t get me wrong, I really like Kovalev, I am friendly to him, you know? But it just seemed to me that he had chosen the wrong style to fight Canelo. I understand, – Roy agrees with Joe about the fact that Kovalev was already allowed to physically maintain a high pace. – but I believe that you need to choose a suitable battle plan for yourself, otherwise you can assume that you lost the fight before it starts.

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