Roman Andreev knocked out Pavel Malikov

Roman Andreev knocked out Pavel Malikov

Tonight, two Russian lightweights, Roman Andreev and Pavel Malikov, entered the ring at the RCC Boxing Academy in Yekaterinburg. For both fighters, this ten-round bout was an opportunity to rehabilitate past performances.

Roman Andreev made his last appearance in May 2019, when, figuratively speaking, he “suffered a victory” over jornimen Jesus Cuadro, who gave the favorite at least an equal fight. Only the help of referee Yuri Koptsev and referee Alexei Paramonov made it possible for Roman to gain the upper hand over his rival. Pavel Malikov suffered a complete beating from Zaur Abdullayev just two and a half months ago. During the meeting, Pavel was knocked down seven times, most often from punches to the body.

The start of the battle was better for Malikov. His blows visually looked heavier and at the end of the first three minutes Andreev’s nose was broken. A couple of missed punches and blood flowing from the nose forced Roman to slow down, although sometimes he still successfully attacked the opponent, including trying to “grope” Paul’s liver, which he tightly covered with his hands. In the second round, the exchange of blows continued, the denouement came quickly and was rather unexpected – Malikov missed a seemingly slight left blow to the head, but fell to the canvas and did not manage to get up before the countdown was over. Andreev won an early victory.

The result of the fight: Roman Andreev won by knockout in the second round.


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