Robert Garcia: “I thought the fight against Gamboa would be easy for Davin Haney”


The famous coach Robert Garcia said that he did not even watch the fight between Davin Haney and Yuriorkis Gamboa, as he initially knew that this fight would not be a bit competitive and its outcome, one might say, was a foregone conclusion.

“I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t even watch the fight. I heard that Haney would fight Gamboa, but I wasn’t very interested. I understood that Yuriorkis Gamboa had no place in the ring with Devin Haney. Haney is a young superstar, very smart and fast boxer. I thought this fight would be easy for him, so I was not interested in watching. Gamboa is 38 years old, his best moments of his career are behind. “

“I was on vacation with my wife in Mexico, but from what I read and heard from my son and everyone else discussing the fight, I got the impression that Devin Haney didn’t look very good. He went through all 12 rounds and therefore it was not his best performance. “


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