Robert Garcia: “Devin Haney is just afraid to miss a hard blow”


According to Robert Garcia, coach from Riverside, California, lightweight Davin Haney’s problem is not that he has a very weak shot. The main reason for his long and boring fights, which the American gives out over and over again, is that he is too fixated on defense, because he is afraid of not taking a hard blow.

“You say that he has no punching power. I believe she is. Davin Haney just needs to believe in himself, to prove himself. I think he’s a little more careful than necessary. I don’t mean to say that he is afraid. You cannot be scared if you step into the ring. A fighter cannot be said to be a coward. But still, Devin is a little careful. Maybe he is afraid to miss a beat? ”- Robert asks.

“Maybe he will be dropped someday, but he will need to get up and knock out his opponent. Perhaps he even needs such experience. Now he is too careful and it can harm him. “

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