Robert Garcia compared Davin Haney and Floyd Mayweather

Robert Garcia compared Davin Haney and Floyd Mayweather

The famous coach Robert Garcia talked about whether Davin Haney can be compared with Floyd Mayweather. The fundamental difference between the young boxer and the eminent ex-world champion, Robert sees in the fact that at a young age Floyd was a rather entertaining boxer and only after numerous hand injuries, in his fourth and fifth weight categories, he could no longer achieve a knockout. Devin Haney, at such a young age, cannot please the audience with a bright end to the fight, even against 38-year-old Gamboa, who is on the verge of a knockout in almost every fight.

“Let’s remember the past. When Floyd Mayweather was at the stage where Davin Haney’s career is now, he was “Handsome” Floyd. He went into the ring and fought, tried to end the fights with a knockout, wanted to shock his opponent and with many he managed to do it. He knocked out a lot of opponents. “

“After that, he became ‘Money’ Mayweather. His boxing turned into a business. Everyone already knew about him, everyone no longer loved him and wanted to see his defeat. And no matter that all of Floyd’s last fights ended with judges’ decisions, people still wanted him to lose. He also had a lot of fans. I’m not saying that everyone hated him. Many people loved him. Now, Devin Haney is not “Pretty Boy” now. Maybe at the end of his career he can become Mayweather and people will pay to watch his fights. But in order to promote his career and become a superstar, he needs to become “Handsome”. Such “Handsome” that Mayweather was at the beginning of his career. That’s what Davin is missing. “

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