Robert Downey Jr. surprises a young Iron Man fan

Robert Downey Jr. surprises a young Iron Man fan

Robert Downey Jr. appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday to surprise 14-year-old Mason Wright.

The young guest started his own hot dog business at the age of 11. Its products were ranked as one of the 10 Best Vegan Hot Dogs in America by PETA. “I’m really thrilled,” Barrymore said, greeting Wright over the video chat. “I’m so glad to meet you.”

Wright said that the idea for his own business came to him when he saw carts of hot dogs and people in superhero costumes in Times Square in New York. “That’s when I realized I could take this business idea to Atlanta, and I did,” he added, explaining how he got his family to buy him a cart after promising to get A’s in all subjects at school.

Later in an interview, Barrymore shared with Wright her first surprise: a $ 5,000 gift card for a restaurant supply company. “Thank you very much. I really try to contain my excitement and behave professionally, ”said the young man, thanks to the presenter, but that was not all. Drew Barrymore surprised Wright with a heartfelt video message from Robert Downey Jr. He praised young entrepreneurial people, saying that small business is now bigger than it ever was. “You are a real rock star,” the actor said of Mason Wright.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Vladimir Kostin

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