Ridley Scott makes a new mysterious film in the Alien universe


In a recent interview with Forbes, Hollywood director Ridley Scott confirmed rumors about the filming of a new film based on the cult universe of alien monsters – Aliens. He immediately announced that one should not expect anything to do with past films, “Prometheus” 2012 and “Alien: Covenant” 2017. The new film will be truly new – rethought and unusual.

As Scott himself clarified, he faces a crucial choice. On the one hand, there is a stable combination of factors – you cannot imagine a film about an Alien without face-hijackers, acid instead of blood, and mentions of the Forerunners. On the other hand, there is a franchise, which is commercially reduced to just a name, under which you can show anything. The desire to deviate from the canons is not just strong, it is this that pushes the authors to create a new film, but the director does not undertake to say what will turn out in the end.

There are no details about the release date, plot of the motion picture or the cast. When the first rumors about filming appeared a couple of months ago, the ComicBook website put forward a proposal that it would be nice to resurrect Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, fortunately, modern graphic technologies allow her to “return her youth.” But the performer of the role, Sigourney Weaver, responded by saying: “Give her relax”.

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