Reuters: US is preparing sanctions against Turkey over the purchase of S-400


The United States is preparing to impose sanctions on Turkey over the acquisition of Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems, four sources told Reuters.

The long-awaited sanctions could be announced any day, sources said. This decision is likely to anger Ankara and seriously complicate relations with the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

According to sources, the sanctions will affect the Turkish Defense Industry Undersecretariat and its head Ismail Demir. Several sources believe the sanctions will be announced on Friday, but one said it could happen any day.

The US State Department may change its plans and expand or narrow the scope of the planned sanctions against Turkey.

However, the sources said that the announcement of the sanctions in their current form is inevitable. In their opinion, the United States is finally ready to act after a long wait for a change of course in Turkey.

Russia delivered the S-400 systems last year, and Turkey tested them in October. Ankara insists that they will not be integrated into NATO systems, do not pose a threat to the alliance, and calls for the creation of a joint working group on this issue.

A senior Turkish official said the sanctions would backfire and negatively impact relations between the two NATO allies.

“The sanctions will not bring results and will be counterproductive. They will hurt the relationship, ”the source said.

“Turkey is in favor of solving these problems through diplomacy and negotiations. We do not accept unilateral impositions, ”he added.

This decision will have implications far beyond Turkey, signaling US partners around the world who are considering buying Russian military equipment and have received repeated warnings about possible sanctions.

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