Republican lawmakers McCall and Rogers oppose START 3 extension

Republican lawmakers have opposed a mechanical extension of the START III treaty for five years between the White House and Moscow. Earlier it was reported that the Biden administration wants to seek an extension of the US-Russian START-3 treaty, in its current form, for another five years. The current agreement expires on February 5th.

The arms control treaty, which entered into force in February 2010, limits the strategic nuclear forces deployed by both countries and helps reduce nuclear tensions between them. However, the Biden administration has opted not to use an additional renewal clause that allows both countries to update the agreement and amend its text to reflect the changed security environment.

In this regard, the main Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCall, and Mike Rogers, the main Republican on the Armed Services Committee, stated that “the Biden administration … is missing out on the opportunity to negotiate a more reliable version of START III. which would include non-strategic nuclear weapons, new weapons systems not covered by the original treaty, and a stricter verification regime. Extending the agreement for 5 years gives Putin exactly what he asked for, and leads to the fact that the United States is losing important leverage to bring Russia back to the negotiating table, ”the statement said.

At the same time, the Republicans believe that the United States should maintain and modernize its nuclear deterrent, and should also begin the process of solving the problem of the growing nuclear arsenals of the People’s Republic of China. “

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