“Removed from dating site”: Sharon Stone compared personal life to comedy

The actress told how she is trying to establish her personal life.

Recently, 62-year-old Sharon Stone gave an interview to Closer Weekly, where she spoke a little about her personal life. The actress joked that she was “like a comedy” and shared her experience of finding people on a dating site. Sharon signed up for the Bumble app last year, but her page was taken down because many thought she was fake.

It really looks like a comedy: I ​​was even removed from the dating site. Some men read my profile and did not believe that it was really me. And they asked the administrators to block my account, because it is supposedly fake. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that I turned down several people. Not everyone likes to hear the answer: “No, I don’t want to date you”

– shared Stone.

Apparently, Sharon has already restored the page in the application, because, according to her, she is still sitting in it. The actress says she is looking for someone who, like her, wants to plunge into a “nurturing, loving relationship.”

I think you have to choose how you want to age. I am sure that I have a destiny, and now I want to meet it as open and honest as possible. I’m ready for a new relationship, but first you need to understand what you want to get from them,

Sharon said.

Earlier, Stone in an interview with Town & Country admitted that she does not understand why, at 62, she is still considered a sex symbol. “People still want to see my breasts. I’m 62! Are you seriously? Grow up! ” – said the star.

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