Regis Progre: “If Lopez lifts weight, I’m perfect for him”


Former lightweight champion (up to 63.5 kg), American Regis Progre (24-1-0, 20 KO) admitted that he would gladly share the ring with the lightweight leader (up to 61.2 kg), compatriot Teofimo Lopez (16- 0-0, 12 KO), in case he changes the division.

“Let’s make it happen. If he wants to climb 140 pounds and challenge himself, I’m perfect. Yes, it would be a very explosive fight. Madness, but there is a video on YouTube where me and his father discuss it …

His dad said, “After we hit Lome’s ass, imagine if we had a fight with you. It would be a huge event where you both could make a lot of money.” And I liked it, “said Progra.


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