Ranked 22: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra front camera fails DxOMark test

Ranked 22: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra front camera fails DxOMark test

Also in August Xiaomi introduced the Mi smartphone 10 Ultra, whose main camera is up to is still considered one of the best on market (second place in DxOMark ranking). AND with the front-end is much worse.

Not highly

DxOMark experts have tested selfie cameras Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra и remained not in delighted. Among her pluses usually accurate exposure at persons; neutral white balance in most conditions; effective video stabilization; well controlled video noise; accurate video exposure; pleasing skin tones in bright light and video in premises; good detail in video clips in bright light.

But more cons. This is a limited dynamic range, clipped highlights on photos and video, visible noise, especially in low light, hue shift, glare, color quantization artifacts on photos and video, inappropriate flash exposure, unnatural blur effect in portrait mode, facial details that are lost on videos, especially in low light, unnatural colors and skin tones sometimes appearing on video, insufficiently effective video stabilization, jelly effect, unnatural skin tones on video in low light.

Ranked 22: Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra front camera fails DxOMark test


IN the result of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra received a total of 88 points: 86 for photo i 91 for video. I it’s only 22 place in overall DxOMark ranking.

«Selfie still image quality in largely not changed by compared with his younger brother, Mi 10 Pro: he provides correctly exposed, detailed photographs in optimal conditions, but its dynamic range is not can compare with the best competitors and leads to frequent clipped highlights when challenging a wide range of brightness. Portrait mode is a little disappointing. FROM on the other hand, the video score Me 10 Ultra is noticeably better than Me 10 Pro, в basically due to improved stabilization», summed up the DxOMark experts.

Source: DxOMark

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