Prince William dumped Kate Middleton by phone in 2007


The royal biographer described how Kate and William broke up after years of dating and why they got back together.

Kate Middleton and Prince William became a happily married couple in 2011, but before that, their relationship had its ups and downs. In his new book, Battle of Brothers, royal biographer Robert Lacey writes that Kate and William split up in 2007.

At that time, the couple had been dating for six years, and the future duchess worked as a buyer in the accessories department of the Jigsaw brand. One day in the middle of a working day, William called her.

Kate took time off from a meeting at Jigsaw, where she had recently got a job at that time to answer William’s call, and went into another room. It closed there for more than an hour. When she got out, she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore

– says the book.

Prince William dumped Kate Middleton by phone in 2007

But then William began to miss Kate’s family, which by that time had practically become his family, the author notes.

One of the unbreakable traditions during his studies at Sandhurst was the weekly Friday “getaway” to the Middleton family in Bucklebury, where he received maternal care from Kate’s mother, Carol, and her father, Michael. In some matters, William trusted him even more than his father, Prince Charles,

Lacey writes.

Prince William dumped Kate Middleton by phone in 2007

In his opinion, it is not surprising that soon after the breakup, Kate and William began to communicate again.

And just 10 weeks after that call, the couple were seen kissing and dancing at a party in Bovington,

– says the book.

Also in this book, Robert noted that William looked closely at Kate for a long time and allegedly “interviewed” her before a new stage in the relationship.

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