Prettier Smart Battery Case Replacement: Apple Working On Removable MagSafe Battery For iPhone 12

As Bloomberg writes, referring to own sources, Apple is working on a new MagSafe accessory for the iPhone 12.

What it is

Recall that MagSafe technology has become a feature of the latest iPhone 12. This is a wireless charger that attaches to smartphone with using magnets. They allow you to quickly align the charger with the back of the gadget.

The new accessory represents an additional battery that attaches to smartphone with using these same magnets. He will help in any time to recharge a discharged iPhone 12 and increase battery life.

It looks like a good alternative to the Smart Battery Case. Recall that these are special cases for older models, which hide an additional battery inside. True, they look rather ugly, and due to bulges in the bottom of their called humpbacked.

Apple was planning to release an extra battery a couple of months after the iPhone 12 was released. testing it revealed serious problems that seem to be related to software. So, when connecting, an error message appeared about overheating of the battery. In addition, there are problems when switching between using the device with iPhone в case and without him.

IN as a result, the accessory output can be postponed or canceled altogether, as was the case with AirPower wireless charging.

Source: Bloomberg

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