Pregnant Gigi Hadid showed a photo with a naked belly

Pregnant Gigi Hadid CELEBRITY

Recently, Gigi Hadid’s father shared a touching poem that he dedicated to his granddaughter. After that, Gigi’s fans thought that she had already given birth to a child. The poem by Mohamed Hadid is called “Grandfather’s Heart”:

Hello little granddaughter, it's me. My heart rejoices. I wish you the sun and the moon, I wish you happiness. Know that your grandfather will always be there. I will do anything for you, my dear. When I found out that you would come to us, I smiled and brushed away my tears. But one tear still fell, because I realized that I would give you my heart.

In a poem publication, Mohamed also addressed Gigi:

In the name of our merciful Lord, I want to say that I love you and I am very proud of you, Gigi.

After this publication, one of the subscribers asked Mohamed if Gigi had given birth, but he replied that “not yet.” And then he completely deleted his post, because of which the fans of the family were alarmed and decided that Hadid “blabbed.” In the meantime, Gigi published a series of pregnant photos.

About 27 weeks. Time has flown by
  • she signed the pictures in which she appeared in a short top that reveals her tummy, and an uncomplicated panama hat. The fact that 25-year-old Gigi is preparing to become a mother became known in April. The father of her child is Zayn Malik. For a long time, the model did not advertise her pregnancy and for the first months did not want to post photos with her belly. I will share them later. Now I just enjoy the new experience and do not want to worry every morning that I need to post something and look cute in the photo,
  • the model explained to the fans.

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