Pompeo warned against returning to “appeasement politics”

Pompeo warned against returning to “appeasement politics”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has expressed concern that America could return to what he called “appeasement politics” if President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January.

Biden has pledged to pursue an active foreign policy and defend America’s interests in all regions of the world.

However, in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Pompeo said that “America’s biggest concern should be that we return to appeasement politics.”

The Republican secretary of state recalled that the Barack Obama administration, in which Joe Biden was vice president, used the term “lead while remaining in the background.”

“This is the complete opposite of what President Trump did,” Pompeo said. – We were very realistic, whether it was about moving the embassy to Jerusalem or liquidating [иранского генерала] Qasem Soleimani, reducing the threat from Iran or recognizing, for the first time in 40 years, that the CCP poses a huge threat to the security of the American people, and in truth, jobs and our American economy. “

“I think the actions of the Obama administration have made the situation worse for the Americans,” Pompeo continued. “I think that jobs and people’s lives are less secure than they have been in the last four years. And I hope that the president, who takes office in mid-January next year, will take a firmer, smarter, more confident approach to national security than they had in those eight years. ”

Biden’s team has not yet formally responded to Pompeo’s remarks.

President Trump disputes the November 3 election results announced by the US media.

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