Pompeo rejects US comparison with “banana republic”

Pompeo rejects US comparison with “banana republic”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vehemently rejected the comparison of the United States to a “banana republic” in connection with the invasion of the Capitol.

This analogy has been drawn by several foreign observers, as well as by former President George W. Bush.

“This libel is a misunderstanding of how banana republics work and how American democracy works,” Pompeo said.

“In the banana republic, mob violence determines the exercise of power. In the United States, law enforcement officials crack down on mob violence so the people can exercise power in accordance with the rule of law and constitutional order, ”Pompeo tweeted.

Bush on Wednesday issued a statement containing veiled criticism of the “reckless behavior” of members of the Republican Party, to which he belongs.

“This is how the election results are disputed in the banana republics, not in our democratic republic,” he wrote.

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