Pompeo: performance at the Voice of America

Pompeo: performance at the Voice of America

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech at the Voice of America on Monday, noting that the organization’s mission is to “promote democracy, freedom and American values ​​around the world.”

Pompeo noted that after the Cold War, American broadcasting networks “went astray,” but a “new dawn” is coming thanks to recent reforms.

“The Trump administration is not trying to politicize these institutions, it is trying to depoliticize them,” the secretary of state stressed. According to him, the role of the Voice of America is especially important today.

“Governments in countries like China, Iran and North Korea do not have the same respect for human dignity that America is based on,” he said. “We know that governments exist to serve people. They believe that humans exist to serve governments. The work Voice of America is doing is vital. You are the spearhead of freedom. Each week, Voice of America is listened to by 278 million people in 47 languages. “

“The Iranians are listening to you, wondering if they will ever be able to throw off the Islamist shackles. Moldovans and Ukrainians who need truthful journalism, not Russian disinformation and propaganda. Chinese citizens who are tired of a regime that has given them nothing but ill-treatment since 1949. Venezuelans who want to know the truth about the corruption of the Maduro regime. There are oppressed people all over the world who still look to America for hope. “

The Secretary of State highlighted the courage of journalists covering events in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, despite the dangers involved.

“Keep telling the world what’s going on in its most difficult parts,” Pompeo urged. “By bringing the truth to the world, America brings light.”

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