Pompeo challenged critics of America First

Pompeo challenged critics of America First

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has defended the “America First” doctrine promoted by President Donald Trump’s administration.

According to the head of American diplomacy, this concept has never meant isolation of America.

Pompeo said this in an interview with Fox News after criticism from Democrats and some former Trump administration officials that the “America first” principle is hurting the country.

One critic, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, wrote in a newspaper article that, from his point of view, “America First” meant “America in itself.”

“This has damaged the country’s ability to solve problems before they come to the United States, and thus exacerbated the danger posed by emerging threats,” the ex-minister said.

Pompeo replied that Mattis was “just fundamentally wrong.”

“America First was basically recognizing that when America is protected from within, when America does the right thing for its own economy and for our own prosperity, America will become a force for good throughout the region, and that, in fact, we we cannot provide security, increased security around the world when America is not protected, ”Pompeo said.

The secretary of state said that he was “deeply offended” that it was perceived as “America on its own.”

“I can tell you that our Japanese colleagues, our South Korean colleagues, our Indian colleagues, our Australian colleagues – they all know that … the United States under President Trump has brought them real benefits,” Pompeo said.

“Whether it’s the work we’ve done to build a huge coalition to tackle the socialist Maduro or to tackle the Cubans, these are real coalitions, real things that work. America was not on its own. We did it with our friends and allies based on common interests, ”he added.

Earlier on Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden said the US was “ready to lead the world, not distance itself from it,” signifying a sharp departure from Trump’s America First credo, which he has held for the past four years.

As he prepares to take office on January 20, Biden said he is convinced that “America is strongest when it works with its allies.”

“This is how we actually keep America safe without getting involved in unnecessary military conflicts when our adversaries are under control and terrorists stay away,” Biden added.

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