Pompeo called Russia one of the enemies of the United States

Pompeo called Russia one of the enemies of the United States

In an interview with American journalist Mark Levin, which was published on the US State Department website, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia is one of America’s enemies, and Russian President Vladimir Putin poses a threat to all people “who love freedom.”

“I am asked all the time who our enemy is, and the answer is: we have many people who want to undermine our way of life, our republic, our basic democratic principles,” Pompeo said. “Russia is definitely on this list.”

The US Secretary of State argued that it is the Russian Federation that possesses the most powerful nuclear combat potential in the world after the United States, and that hundreds and hundreds of Russian nuclear warheads threaten directly American territory.

Pompeo also said that it was Moscow that was involved in the recent large-scale cyberattack on the infrastructure of the American government.

“We can say very clearly that Russia was involved in this attack,” the secretary of state stressed. “Considerable efforts have been made to embed malicious code into US government systems,” he said.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump’s administration and President-elect Joe Biden expressed dismay over a massive invasion of computer systems that Russia is suspected of committing.

The cyber division of the US Department of Homeland Security said the hack “poses a serious threat to the federal and state governments, municipalities … as well as to critical infrastructure and other private sector organizations.”

On Thursday it became known that the US Department of Energy and Microsoft were among the victims of the hack. Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce were attacked.

In an interview with Mark Levin, Mike Pompeo also elaborated on the Chinese threat to US national interests. The secretary of state called today’s communist China an “existential threat” to the United States.

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